About me

For many years and on many different scenes Walterlan Papetti has made his career by bringing out the best in people's emotions and passion.  He is a highly acclaimed Italian / Brazilian Photo Journalist who does many different styles, but specializes in fashion and high end editorial photography.   He approaches his work in the only way he knows how.  With complete dedication and passion.  This is one of the main reasons why he can capture the moments and mix in with the fashion scene so good.  Because he himself considers his photography a form of self expression and art, just like almost every designer. Mixing his keen eye with his amazing ability to use light and angles, Walt has been showcasing the fashion world in a new and exciting way.  Creating lasting imagines that influence, sell, and take new and classic brands to higher heights.  


has been published in multiple main stream magazinesEach highlighting his ability to make his clients feel comfortable and open during the shoot.  His photographs create the emotion and bring out the character of each person he works with.  He also does work with many different brands to bring their products and lines to life. The list of people that Walt has worked with over the years has grown into a list of who's who in the fashion and music industries.  Walt continues to build his personal brand, while at the time build all of the brands with whom he works with.  He has done numerous fashion weeks including, London fashion week, Fashion scout, and Milan fashion weekWalt is man of few words, but much action.  He loves being behind the camera and seeing things in different and exciting ways.  He is always looking to meet and connect with new people and share his passion for fashion and film. He welcomes the opportunity to work with you and see how he can help build your brand, your imagine, and your look.  His images are precious little treasure to be enjoyed and shared for generations . See difference of what experience, vision, and passion can do for you.  

You can find me Everywhere!